ArcWorld with Epik Teknikcenter

Epic is the result of collaboration between business, Linnaeus University and upper secondary school. The purpose of Epic is to provide companies in the region with the technical skills they need, while increasing interest in technology education and technical professions.

The technology center contains the latest technology in CNC, welding, measurement technology and automation. The business will be a knowledge environment for business, upper secondary school and academy and serve as a display window towards the modern digitized industry. The goal is also to increase public interest in technology.

At Epic there is a solid machine park with about 40 machines reflecting the modern industry. There is also the possibility for students to learn robot automation using small removable robot station, MOTOMAN-GP8 and a complete welding robot, ArcWorld. Both delivered by Yaskawa Nordic. For members of the corporate network, the robot stations also provide the opportunity to test the prototypes and skills raising of their personnel.