ArcWorld is designed for quick start-up and high productivity over a small area, and at a low investment cost. Yaskawa also offers alternative financing options. The price and flexibility delivers better production economy and gives you increased competitiveness.


ArcWorld offers you quick changeover times in production, and can produce both large and medium-sized series. ArcWorld is also available as one model with two separate flows. You can thereby handle two different products at the same time.

Another important feature is that the robot stations are easy to relocate in the factory premises should your production needs change.

ArcWorld offers many benefits

  • It takes up little space.
  • It has a short delivery time.
  • It is easy to install and get up and running.
  • Multiple choices.

ArcWorld is a successful series of affordable CE-marked robot stations for arc welding. It comes with either one or two stations and has a well thought out selection of suitable options. Everything is designed for quick installation and commissioning and trouble-free operation.


Robot welding with ArcWorld allows you to handle varying volumes with better quality and higher delivery precision.

But the robot stations are also designed with regard to the operator. The working height is correct when the fixtures are to be loaded or unloaded, and you have the option of lifting the material and fixtures with an overhead crane.


Short delivery time

Easy to install and operate

Small footprint

Quickly profitable

News from the Arcworld

case - Sparta

Less time and consistent welding quality


Due to the increasing workload on their welding department Sparta decided to explore the benefits of robotic welding systems and how these could help them moving forward. Following extensive research into what robotic systems were available and how these could best match their needs, it was clear to Sparta that the most suitable offering was the YASKAWA ArcWorld CS. Sparta felt that the ArcWorld CS provided them with the distinct advantage of a very compact, self-contained system which would best meet their welding requirements


ArcWorld CS with its 6-axis MA1440 robot is designed specifically to meet the exacting demands of welding applications. With its superior wire feed system, internally routed cables and working envelopes ranging from 1,440 mm to 2,010 mm, the MA-Series welding robots significantly improves welding quality.


Set-up time has been reduced to as little as 30 minutes, floor-to-floor time. Production is now on average over 300% quicker than conventional (manual) welding. The production capacity with the two ArcWorld systems are equivalent to six welders. Their robotic welding also means that welds are never missed, and they produce the same quality of a weld at the end of the shift, as at the start.


Customer: Sparta Ltd
Produkt: Metal components
Country: UK
Installed: 2019
Industry: Sub-contractor
Application: Arc welding

System contains:

ArcWorld CS, 1x MA1440, DX200 controller, welding equipment

ArcWorld Mini series

ArcWorld Mini series are designed to deliver a flexible, space saving and cost-effective option to integrate robotics into your welding processes. With our Mini series it is possible to double the output, with half of the preparation time.

  • MOTOMAN welding robot.
  • Floor area: from 1.4 sq. meter to 2.3
  • EASY to install and operate.
  • EASY to relocate.

ArcWorld CS

ArcWorld CS has a practical and bright operating area for the operator that is separated from the robot. Here you will find all the material close to hand for loading and unloading the fixture. You also have the option of using cranes.

  • MOTOMAN welding robot.
  • Fixed welding table or rotating positioner.
  • Smoke hood, anti-glare shield, inspection door, interior lighting and socket for forklift.
  • Options: two robots, wheels for increased mobility, welding equipment and more.
  • Floor area: from 10 sqm and a width of 2.3 metres.


YASKAWA Electric Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the fields of drive technology, industrial automation and robotics based in Kitakyushu, Japan. Founded in 1915, we see ourselves as a pioneer in these sectors, always striving to optimise the productivity and efficiency of machines and industrial systems with our innovations.

Yaskawa’s first industrial robot was launched as a single model on the market in 1977. Four decades later the MOTOMAN robot family consists of more than 150 robot models.

The European headquarters are located in Frankfurt, Germany. Robot controllers for the European market are currently manufactured in the factory in Sweden. The first MOTOMAN robots from an all-European production rolled off the production line in Slovenia in 2018.

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