ArcWorld's smallest family members, the "Mini" and "Micro" made an impression at the trade fair in Hanover.

With our new Mini and Micro series, it is easy to start robot welding to increase productivity and reduce downtime. They are ideal for completely replacing, or supplementing, manual welding,such as when pre-assembling before welding in a larger robot cell.

Like the larger models in the ArcWorld family, ArcWorld RS Mini and ArcWorld HS Micro are both easy to install and removable. Built on platform, completely encapsulated and complete with robot, control system, smoke hood and place for power source. All in one. Complete with one of our welding packages from Esab, Fronius or Kemppi and choose for a simple fixture table.

The industrial robot included is a European-made MOTOMAN-GP7 with 7 kg payload capacity and a dirt-resistant finish. It is equipped with a selection of advanced programming functions that maximize welding quality and increase robot speed.

By choosing any of the standard options such as fixture tables, fixture clamps, light fires or a 230V outlet, etc., you get a finished robot station with a short delivery time of six to eight working weeks depending on the power source.